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le persone che abbiamo avuto la fortuna di conoscere ed aiutare, quelle con le quali lavoriamo a progetti congiunti ogni giorno

Taking care of the fate of others with the same passion and the same involvement with which someone take care of its own it is not a sugary act of altruism, but a choice based on intelligence and convenience. The best world is the one which is open in all senses. The only way to keep it open is to make it livable and accessible to all. Working for this aim means to commit for sustaining three things that go hand in hand: peace, freedom and prosperity. In this respect Auxilia is on the frontline, and this is good for everyone. Even for those who do not know them or do not appreciate them. When I am with them, I feel I am amongst the lucky ones, who know them and appreciate them”.

Davide Giacalone
Davide Giacalone
Scrittore ed opinionista di RTL 102,5


There are four things remained to us from Paradise: the stars, the flowers, children and women”. If you believe it too, make your donation to Auxilia Onlus.

Fiordaliso is an Italian pop-rock singer. Co-Winner – together with Zucchero-Sugar Fornaciari – of the popular Castrocaro Music Festival in 1981, Fiordaliso was the revelation of the Sanremo Music Festival in 1982, and obtained the critics’ prize at the same event in 1983.

For her, the doors opened to international fame in 1984 with “Non voglio mica la luna”, her most famous hit that had record sales both in Italy and abroad.

Her major successes are linked to the Sanremo Music Festival, in which she participated nine times between 1982 and 2002. One of her songs (“Il mio angelo”) was dedicated to her first child, born when the singer was just 15. In the same period she started singing also in Spanish and her records got widely distributed in Spain and Latin America.

From the ‘90s, whilst keeping on participating in the most well-known music events in Italy (“Europa Europa”, “Cantagiro”, “Festivalbar”, “Un disco per l’estate”, “Vota la Voce”), Fiordaliso got gradually more involved in activities that saw her as stage actress and television presenter.

During her career she has sold over 6 million records.

ordaliso Supporter di Auxilia Onlus
Cantante ed autrice

I know the passion and the altruism that drive Auxilia to help the weakest in the world where there is no hope for them. I believe in Auxilia. You can support it too. It takes so little to do a lot”.

Ando Merkù conduttore radiofonico
Andro Merkù
Imitatore e giornalista della Zanzara-Radio 24

Auxilia brings together dedicated people passionate about bringing relief to the most vulnerable populations devastated by war and conflict. The organization improves access to education, health care, and promotes human rights with a particular focus on women and children. Auxilia brings hope to those that have endured the unspeakable horrors of war and works towards spreading that hope to future generations.

Liz Wahl
opinionista di programmi radiofonici, giornalista statunitense

I support Auxilia because their desire is to help women and children in difficult places all over the world.